Great Barrier Island.

The Great Barrier Island is an unspoilt part of New Zealand, very beautiful. great barrier island

From Auckland catch the car ferry over to the Great Barrier Island, stay at several beach front camping grounds run by the Department of Conservation. Our favourite site is Medlands Beach campsite, but there is nothing to stop you visiting several sites to find your own favourite. These site have no power so you will need a Campervan or Motorhome with a good battery and water tanks. great barrier island 2

There is limited shopping on the island, and the cost of everything is high, so take as much food as you think you will need. Don’t forget to take some fishing gear if you want to do a spot of fishing.

Best to book this trip off season, (Dec to Feb are the busiest months). The last time we booked this was early November and we had the camp ground to ourselves. great barrier island 3

Make a trip to Kaitoke Hot Springs. This is a great day trip where you get a chance to bath in a natural hot pool. It is about 30 mins walk from the road that traverses the island from Claris to Whangparapara. You may think you are at the pool when you get to a spot where the creek is. The water is hot, but this is a mud wallow compared to the great 4ft deep sandstone pool you'll find by following the left fork for another 30mins.

Itinerary (via the scenic route)

From Auckland catch the car ferry from 11 Brigham Street, Wynyard Wharf.
The ferry will drop you at Tryphena and then it is just a short drive to Medlands Beach. Total time about 6 hours.

Day Two
Embark on your day tour of the island. The island is steeped in history and there are many families living there today whose forbearers were the first settlers. Your tour today should include little local museums, Windy Canyon for 360degree views of this island paradise and a walk into the Kaitoke Hot Pools.





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