Milford Track

This is one of the worlds most famous tracks and is a must do. Put this near the top of your bucket list. This is a long hike and you need to carry everything with you in a pack, so you will need to be fit for this walk. Located in a Regional Park and travels through some of the most beautiful areas of New Zealand. 

There are two ways to travel this track, the low cost way is to carry everything with you, this is how I did it and you need to be much fitter for this. Or you can have your meals and bags flown over night for you by helicopter, higher cost but less to carry and you still get to see all.

Photos from a recent trip: IMG 0751
The wild life is beautiful IMG 0544

Start the trip by boat IMG 0534

We were lucky to get perfect weather for our tramp IMG 0555

The track is well marked with safe river crossings IMG 0605

The very rare Blue Duck IMG 0625 IMG 0634

Trout swimming in the stream. IMG 0677

The top of Milford Track with a view for miles IMG 0728

The highest waterfall IMG 0760 IMG 0773

The end of the track. IMG 0775

The last part of the journey by boat.

Possible Itinerary (from my records)

Note bookings are essential and must be made several months in advance


Arrive in Queenstown by Motorhome, stay in the campground near Queenstown.
You can then walk into town for dinner and a night out.

Bus from Queenstown to Te Anau Downs $60
22 April – 2.00pm - Boat from Te Anau Downs to start of track (booked with DOC) $61
22 April - Hut 1 (booked with DOC) $135

23 April - Hut 2 (booked with DOC)

24 April - Hut 3 (booked with DOC)

25 April – 2.00pm - Boat from end of track – Sandfly Point to Milford Sound (booked with DOC) $35

25 April – 2.30pm - Bus from Milford Sound to Queenstown. (booked with DOC) $85

25 April Tuesday - Back to the Motorhome over night in Queenstown Camp ground

Budget per person about: $300

It will typically rain at some point during your tramp so please bring some good wet weather gear.

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