Otago Rail Trail

The Otago Central Rail Trail runs for 150kms between Clyde and Dunedin passing through the intermediary towns of: Clyde, Alexandra, Chatto Creek, Omakau, Lauder, Oturehua, Wedderburn, Ranfurly, Waipiata, Hyde before terminating in Middlemarch.

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The sign at the end or start of the rail trail; Middlemarch.

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Starting out its a doddle

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Very scenic

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Halfway point it's all down hill from here

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A meal fit for a king, whitebait fritter, available from the Omakau Commercial Hotel when in season.

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The South Island crayfish is a must have, this was purchased near Kaikoura

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We had a small amount of rain on day 3

Itinerary (via the scenic route)

Drive from Auckland(A) to Wellington(D) 9hrs

Catch Ferry to Picton(E) and drive to Christchurch(F) 8hr

Drive to Dunedin(G) and then to Clyde(H) 6hrs

Cycle Rail Trail, 4 days,  

1.      Clyde to Omakau (37km).

2.      Omakau to Oturehua (29.5km).

3.      Oturehua to Waipiata (33km).

4.      Waipiata to Middlemarch (50km).

At each stop we stayed at different accommodation for the night, this can all be easily booked in advance on the web.

5.      Bus from Middlemarch to Clyde, to pickup the Motorhome.

6.      Travel back to Auckland (several routes available for this).

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For more detailed booking information go here: www.otagorailtrail.co.nz

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