Rangitoto Island

This is a great day trip from Auckland by ferry. Take your lunch and plenty to drink as this volcanic Island can become very hot when the sun comes out. The ferry leaves from downtown Auckland and takes about 25 minutes.

Combine your ferry trip to Rangitoto Island with a guided tour of the island on a 4WD road-trail. Find out more about this unique volcano from knowledgeable guides who provide fascinating commentary on the island's fiery past.

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There are limited places to stay overnight on this Island, so plan to return the same day, unless you have been lucky enough to book a room. For most of use this means you have a limited time on the Island and must catch the last ferry back. Also there are no shops so you must bring your own lunch.

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The black volcanic rock heats up in the sun, so if you plan to do any walking make sure to do this early before the sun has turned these rocks into a furnace. Remember to bring plenty of water on a hot day.

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The view back to Auckland from Rangitoto

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Lunch time Islington Bay

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Wild flowers

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As Rangitoto is a relatively new island some of the wild flowers are exceptional.

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Wild Flowers


Itinerary (via the scenic route)

From downtown Auckland catch the ferry to Rangitoto.
This ferry trip is about 25 min long (one way).
Spend the day walking around the island and return by ferry the same day to Auckland



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