White Water Rafting

There are a number of rivers in New Zealand where you can enjoy white water rafting. My favourite is the Wairoa (Grade 5) as this is controlled by the Power Company; they open the dam flood gates each weekend for canoes and white water rafting. This ensures a guaranteed level of water and thus you always get some good white water rafting. A grade 5 level river is the most exciting and this river has a lot of white water time and is great value for money.




Wairoa Release Dates:
The Wairoa is a dam released river that only runs 26 days a year, in order to release the water they have to shut down a hydroelectric power station.

For bookings by experienced guides please visit River-Rats

Please remember to purchase the photos that an experienced photographer takes for some very memerable shots.

Itinerary - 3hrs one way

From Auckland head south on highway1
Turn left after the Bombay Hills on highway 2
Take highway 27 to Matamata (B)
Then highway 29 to the Wairoa River, and Ruahihi Road (C) where the start of the rafting is.
You can park your Motorhome at River Rats for the day


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